What kind of fabric to choose for your sofa or armchair if there is a domestic animal in the family?

It is said that a dog is a person's best friend, and often that is the case. Today, there are few households where there would not be either a dog, a cat or any other pet. However , when choosing a sofa or armchair , you should also take into account these nice characters.

In a household with pets, velvety fabric is a sure thing to go on.

We are often asked what kind of fabric to choose if there is a pet in the family. Our one and sure answer is that if the customer has any chance, then velvet fabric should be preferred. Firstly, velvet is easy to clean, secondly, in most cases, the structure of the velvety fabric is such that animals do not want to claw at it and rather enjoy lying on the couch (there are certainly exceptions). The disadvantage of velvety fabric is, so to speak, the magnetic effect, that it takes the animal's hair very well, but at the same time, the hairs with simple hand pulls come off the velvety fabric.

There are people who do not tolerate velvet, it is also not worth throwing a rifle into the bush for this occasion, and we will definitely find a suitable solution.

That velvet is the best option, we dare say yes. However, if a person does not tolerate velvet, there are other variants. There are also clothes that fit very well with pets. If you have to decide on a cloth, then it would be important to make sure that the fabric is not too woolen or soft. This kind of fabric takes cat or dog hair very well, and to get them from there is a piece of work.

As a cloth, fabrics with dense tissue, which have a slightly more rigid structure, are well suited. Also, the skin is also suitable for pets, because it is very easy to clean. However, leather furniture, for example, can break most easily as a result of a dog's nails.

Choose a color similar to pet hair

If you like light shades, then before you start looking at this kind of fabric, think about what a sofa will look like when your dark-haired dog or cat is lying there. We recommend choosing a shade that is compatible with the tone of your pet's hair. However, if you think that on upholstered furniture you will not be bothered by hairs, then chose exactly this shade of fabric as the heart craves.

Use natural spies

If the pet still wants to sharpen their nails against soft furniture, then for this there are sprays that will scare them away. We recommend 100% use natural sprays, not chemical ones. The chemical ones are more efficient, but they can damage the surface of the fabric and leave a strong and unpleasant smell on the fabric.


Velvety fabric is the best option with pets, but there are also cloths and leather that work almost that just as well. It is important to follow the above points and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. We will be happy to help you!

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