When buying a sofa, think about whether you need it to sit or relax

Some people buy a sofa primarily by appearance. However, it is definitely worth thinking through one of the first things and paying attention to the function of the sofa, i.e. the task. In other words, what you're going to use it for.

Hard or soft sofa?

Modern sofas can broadly be divided into two groups by type of seating comfort:

  • Sofas with harder upholstery
  • Sofas with softer upholstery

Which one you prefer depends on your habits and needs.
Although it is more difficult to assess the comfort of sitting with the pictures and descriptions of the online store than it is to catch up in the store
However, when trying, it is possible.

Strong upholstery makes it easier to get up from the sofa

In the case of a sofa with strong upholstery, the seater perhaps sinks into the sofa to a small extent. Strongly
it is easy to get upright from a padded sofa and they are therefore particularly suitable for the elderly or
for people with back problems.
But many young people also increasingly prefer a harder and firmer seat.

Make sure that the fabric of the sofa is durable

The covering fabric of the sofa with strong upholstery is tight, firm and almost wrinkle-free. It creates
completely smooth and even appearance.
However, due to the increased tension of the fabric, the fabric wears out more. For a sofa with strong upholstery,
therefore, pay special attention to the sufficient wear resistance of the covering material.

Atto Collection's selection of fabrics can be found here: https://atto.ee/kangaste-varvid/

Soft upholstery is suitable for relaxation

Some people, however, prefer sofas, in which the sofa seems to grab you
embrace. Soft upholstery material is ideal for lying down and relaxing.
To ensure the necessary flexibility of the surface, the coating is not too tightly on top, therefore, such
for sofas, it is normal to form waves and folds.
So that it is not too difficult to get up from the sofa with soft upholstery, the seat is added to the front edges
Often a somewhat more solid support.

Atto sofas are a good combination of both

Atto sofas are more suitable for a person who wants to bring a laptop with him to the sofa,
knitting needles or newspaper.
However, this does not mean that the sofas are excessively hard or inflexible. Let's use our
sofas zig-zag springs and high-quality porolone. They are durable and comfortable when sitting. Thanks to them,
our sofas also comfortably relax and sleep.
A large part of our sofas are sofa beds and easily open into beds.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support.

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