Inbank payment method

Inbank's payment method makes it even easier to pay for your purchase. Pay for your purchase in 3 or 6 equal instalments, easily and without any extra charges. Take more time to pay, with the first payment after a month.

Inbank split into parts

  • 75 - €2500 for purchases
  • Period 3 or 6 months
  • 0 € surcharge

Why choose Inbank?

  • Simple and with no extra charges - no interest, no contract fee and no monthly management fee.
  • A smart way to get everything you need now, without compromising on choice. Start paying next month.
  • Inbank's pay later payment methods are not instalments, but credit-free payment methods - they do not affect your credit score.

The purchase is confirmed in just a few moments.

Inbank instalment

Inbank instalments allow you to turn a big one-off outlay into a small monthly outlay. Take more time to pay and spread the purchase amount over up to 5 years. The first payment is only a month later.

Advantages of instalments:

  • A flexible solution for larger outlays
  • You choose the amount
  • You choose the period
  • You choose the payment date
  • Reply to a request in minutes

Terms and conditions for instalments:

  • Amount 100 - 10 000 €
  • Period 6 - 60 months
  • Deposit 0 €
  • Management fee 0 €
  • Interest 9,9%
  • Contract fee 9,9 €

Use the calculator to find the right monthly payment:

Inbank's instalment credit cost rate is 28.21% per annum on the following sample terms: instalment amount €1,000, contract period in months 24, interest rate 6.9% of the purchase amount, 0% deposit, contract fee €15, management fee 0.2%, monthly instalment €50.12, total cost of credit €1202.9. The service is provided by AS Inbank Finance. Before concluding a contract, we advise you to read the terms and conditions of the financial service and, if necessary, consult a specialist.