By purchasing a new sofa from the online store, we will take away your old equivalent product if you wish.

The price of the service together with the transport of the new product is 72€.

If you want to take away the old sofa, then when making a purchase, choose "Transport + disposal" as the mode of transport

What are the benefits for you?

You can get everything you need in one place. The removal of both the new sofa and the old sofa. If you should usually pay about 80-100€ for the removal of the old sofa, then you can get a new sofa from us, as well as if you wish, you can give up the old sofa that takes up the room.

We arrange for the product to be transported and removed from the room.

Outside Harju County, we offer a service door-to-door, i.e. transporting a new product to and from the room is currently the customer's responsibility.

NB! It is important to understand that disposal is carried out against goods and goods, i.e. you buy a new sofa from us and we will take away the old sofa from you if you wish, and not more (armchair, table, chairs, bed, etc.).

What about your old furniture?
Your old sofa will be delivered to our partners.