ESTO hire purchase - do not want to pay the full amount at once? Pay in installments!

ESTO instalments are a fast and convenient payment solution that helps you set up a payment schedule based on the period you choose. The payment solution makes the decision in real time and helps you complete your purchase in less than 60 seconds.

Add the right products to your shopping cart, confirm your order and select ESTO hire purchase as payment method. When confirming your purchase, select the period and monthly instalment amount you want and digitally sign in conveniently using your ID card, Smart ID or Mobile ID.

⦁ ESTO instalments can be applied for by all citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged between 18 and 70.
⦁ ESTO instalments can also be applied for quickly and conveniently by legal entities.
⦁ ESTO instalments are offered and managed by ESTO AS.

NOTE! Every instalment is a financial commitment. Before entering into a hire-purchase agreement, you should read the terms and conditions of the service concerned and, if necessary, consult an expert. Every financial decision involves risks and obligations, so please consider carefully the need to use loan products. For example, for a loan amount of €1,290, with a fixed interest rate of 14.90% per annum for 24 months and a contractual fee of €0, the annual percentage rate of charge is 31.62%, the monthly instalment is €70.67 and the total amount to be repaid by the consumer is €1,696.08. The instalment is a financial commitment and before making a decision, please read the contract terms and conditions carefully and, if necessary, consult an ESTO AS employee or other professional. The instalment facility is offered and managed by ESTO AS.


ESTO 3 payment method is an innovative solution that allows you to confirm and pay for your purchase conveniently and quickly - in three equal instalments, with no extra fees!

Choose the ever-popular ESTO 3-piece payment method to pay for your purchases at the checkout!

ESTO 3 helps you to split the purchase amount into up to 3 equal parts.

⦁ No surcharge.
⦁ Just three payments in equal instalments, over three months.
⦁ The first payment is only due on the 15th of the following month.

ESTO 3 payment methods are provided and managed by ESTO AS.

Esto Maksa Hiljem

Be smart and choose ESTO pay later to pay for your purchases!

Choose ESTO pay later to pay for your purchases. Confirm your purchase with just a few clicks, get your order delivered and pay back within 30 days without any extra charges!

Pay later is the smart way to pay - get the goods now and pay back on a flexible repayment plan.
Get exactly what you need with just a few clicks - no interest, no surcharge and no deposit!

The pay later payment method is provided and managed by ESTO AS.

WHAT IS ESTO? ESTO is a financial services company that dates back to 2016. The brand was born out of the need for a new generation of payment solutions, suitable for both the end consumer and the merchant. Today, ESTO offers the widest range of payment solutions in the Baltics, with a partner network of over 2,600 partners and stores and over 300,000 customers. Check the terms and conditions here:

If necessary, contact an ESTO AS employee - or in the LIVE chat window.