How to recognize a high-quality sofa?

Wanting to buy a high-quality sofa, you can not choose it only by appearance

The appearance of the sofa is very important, but even more important is its quality and durability. We can judge the durability of the sofa mainly by four important punts: frame, suspension, porolone and fabric.

Frame or sofa frame in folk languages

In order for the sofa to be durable and not give up anywhere, the frame of the sofa must be made properly and with the right technique in mind. Emphasis must also be placed on the material. Conifers, more precisely pine trees, are mainly used in soft furniture produced in Estonia, as the spruce does not keep the furniture clips inside and the life of the sofa is very short.

It is also important that when buying upholstered furniture, the corners of the sofa frame connection are properly glued and fastened, and in addition, there should be additional blocks of wood on the corners of the frame so that the joints are as strong as possible.

In order for the sofa to be of high quality, it is necessary to know what kind of suspension the manufacturer uses

In Estonia, the most common sofa suspension is zig-zag. It is installed parallel to the sofa, and the gap between the springs themselves is 10 or 12 cm. It is important to make sure that the fasteners where the springs are placed in the back are not made of delicate plastic or with a slot from which the spring can jump out. Also, springs should not creak when sitting.

In addition, several manufacturers also use pocket suspension, which gives the sofa a pleasant comfort. With this suspension, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer has not used too little porolone, that is, springs should not be felt when sitting.

Using high-quality porolone, it also does not fade away with prolonged use of time.

In general, the so-called regular porolone is used in sofas E30, which, when used, becomes softer until at one moment the most planting place on the sofa sinks away. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it, and this is natural wear and tear.

Atto Collection Premium models use HR35 porolone, which maintains its softness for several years after use. Since there are air bubbles between the layers when making porolone, when sitting with a weight, these air bubbles disappear from the porolone, and therefore the sofa becomes softer. HR porolone does not have this concern, since in the production process of porolone these bubbles are immediately pressed out of the porolone, and after the danger of its sinking there is no danger. Hr35 porolone can be put in any model.

For people with a larger body weight, we definitely recommend HR porolone, and also should not choose a sofa with a very thin layer of porolone.

Some manufacturers also use feathers in sofas, which gives the sofa the utmost softness, but in terms of practicality, the consumer has to constantly beat the pillows. There are people who don't have trouble with it, but there are also people who absolutely don't like it.

The sofa cover should be chosen very carefully and balancedly.

Often, the choice of fabric or artificial leather turns out to be the most difficult, because the desire is according to a certain color, but the material must also fit.

Today, velvety fabrics are gaining more and more popularity. People like the slightly luxurious look, the velvety fabric is durable, and it is also extremely good to clean it. Of course, the velvety fabric is also softer, meaning it also gives the feeling that the sofa is so much more comfortable.

As a manufacturer, we dare to say that interest in ordinary fabric and artificial leather has not gone away. It has its own clientele.

But what is most important when choosing fabrics? It is mainly necessary to observe the martindale number of the fabric, i.e. how strong the fabric is. The larger the number, the stronger the fabric. Secondly, the features of the fabrics should be observed. Whether the fabric is water repellent, easy to clean and animal-friendly. Some fabrics have animal-friendly markings, you can read more about them HERE.


In order for your home to have a beautiful and high-quality sofa or armchair, you should overestimate the frame, suspension, porolone and fabric, and if something is left confusing, it is always possible to ask the manufacturer for more information or advice.

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