Disco 1N2N1 U-corner sofa


Want a sofa with a modern look and high legs to brighten up your home? The Disco U corner sofa has exactly these features. Thanks to its high legs, the sofa can be placed in a household with a robot vacuum cleaner. The high quality HR35 upholstery provides seating comfort. Wooden and metal legs are available. Made in Estonia and handcrafted from start to finish.

You can find a wide range of fabrics here! https://atto.ee/fabrics-toes/

The sofa is made of fabric of your choice. All fabrics used in our usual production are visible here.

  • Upholstered furniture is made in 4 weeks
  • 14-day right of return
  • All production is handmade in Estonia
  • After-payment possibility
  • The meter can be changed according to your wishes

Additional information


Green, the fabric of your choice

Upholstery materials

100% polyester


Martindale 50,000 – 100,000


358 cm


177/97/177 cm


93 cm


Metal (chrome), Metal (black), Walnut, Beech, Dark

Sitting depth

60 cm

Seating height at 18 cm

51 cm


  • Seat comfort is added by zig-zag suspension.
  • The selection includes wooden and metal legs, height 10-18 cm.
  • The background of the sofa is finished with the same fabric as the front of the sofa, As a result, it is possible to place the sofa in the center of the room.
  • The sofa is suitable for a household where a robot vacuum cleaner is used.
  • HR35 porolone.

The sofa is delivered to the front door

The product is transported in three packages

  • Total weight: 121 kg
  • 180x100x63 cm and 42 kg
  • 180x100x63 cm and 42 kg
  • 170x100x63 cm and 37 kg

Sofa upholstery

We use carefully selected, high-quality and tested fabrics in our products.

Cleaning the fabric

It is possible to remove dirt with a wet cloth, gently pressing on top of the fabric. Do not use detergents to remove dirt. Avoid rubbing!


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